More info please!

Aleron's Lie is a single-player, first-person, Drama, Mystery, Adventure video game where you play as a man named Aleron. The only person that you can talk to via Smartphone is a woman named Nora.

Over the course of the game you will get to know each other while trying to find a way out of your respective cabins. Whether your only human relationship improves or not is in your hands.

"Yeah, but what do I do in Aleron's Lie? Is the Gameplay similar to Firewatch? It reminds me of it."

Firewatch was definitely an inspiration when it comes to the dialogue system. However, we're presenting you a unique story and a very different duo (Aleron & Nora) with a very different relationship that you will hopefully love as much as we do! We also claim to offer more in terms of Gameplay as you will find relationship strengthening puzzles in our game.

"Ah okay, and what platform will this be on? And please don't tell me that I will have to pay 20 bucks for two hours of content."

We plan to make it available for PC and Mac via Steam and our own Store: The RisingStore (and hopefully Gog). And it's probably going to be $15 for 4-5 hours of content. Does that sound more fair? 😉 (These numbers are estimated so if it changes in the future, please don't kill us. Thanks.)

"Cool! Who is making this game and which Engine are you guys using?"

A company called "RisingLane" is making this game. Founded in 2014 and since then on its way to master Storytelling in Video Games to make the best Story-Driven Games that have ever existed. Oh, and we're using the Unreal Engine 4.

"Well, that's a bold statement...but I like it! I want to stay up to date. What's the best way?"

The best way is probably our Newsletter. And also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

"I have so many more questions! :("

Get in touch with Ahmet Koctar. (Founder of RisingLane and Director & Writer of Aleron's Lie.) Don't be shy! Your question can be regarding anything! Game Writing? More infos on the game? Let's talk. 🙂