RisingLane was founded 2014. Since then it has one goal: To create games and tell stories! Not just any story! We are telling stories that are memorable because of their complex characters who have interesting and difficult relationships. Once you get to know our characters you will love them as much as you will hate them but no matter what, you will miss them once the experience we have created is over. We are currently working on our debut title “Aleron’s Lie”. A free demo will be released in December 2017!

Ahmet Koctar

is the Founder & CEO of RisingLane. He is also the Director, Writer, and Designer of “Aleron’s Lie”.

Loïc Lebas

is the Concept Artist.

Manuel Marrujo

is the 3D-Environment Artist.

Armando Lira

is also a 3D-Environment Artist.

Veronika Goetz

is a Character Concept Artist

Eva Haisova

is the 3D-Character Artist.

Miles Staplehurst

is a 3D-Animator.

Josh Bell

is a Sound Designer.

Chris Heron

is a Composer.

Michael Sattler

is our programmer.

Niedinkstr. 23a
48231 Warendorf
Ahmet Koctar