Aleron's Lie is a Drama set in a Cabin in Montana, where you're locked up while your daughter's life is on the line and the only person you can talk to via smartphone claims to be in a similar situation.

You are a man named Aleron and you've decided to stay in a Cabin for a month to get used to being separated from your daughter. You told her not to call you. After all she has to get used to it as much as you. Your 16-year-old daughter didn't listen: She called you. As hard as it was for you, you rejected her. She promised she wouldn't call you again. You made her promise that. But she calls you again. 

In fear she tells you to come back. You don't know what's going. The doors are locked. The windows are bulletproof. There is no way out and the only person you can contact, who is a woman named Nora, claims to be in a similar situation. It's your choice: Will you trust her and work together to find a way out of your respective cabins? Or will you destroy your relationship with the only person that's left to call?