A company that makes games which will leave you feeling depressed once you finish them. Not necessarily because the ending wasn't happy. We're talking about a positive depression. This feeling you have when you finish a game with a very deep story: "Damn, I'll miss these characters. The way they talked and all the things they have done." If a game manages to do that, if you can't stop thinking about what you have just experienced, and it stays with you for days or even weeks, then it was a good game. Games that leave you with thoughts like this are the type of games we love to play and love to make because these games are the only games that have the potential to change your life.


When Ahmet Koctar first founded RisingLane he was alone. Very young, no experience, and doing everything on his own. After two rather not successful projects he realized that he needs more people to make his visions become reality. Together with a programmer he made the game "The Forgotten Time" which came out 2016. However, that was also not as successful as he wanted it to be. So he started another project with even more people and which was even bigger! Unfortunately, though, it was a bit too big. Six different locations, over 10 different characters, and a very long story made it impossible for them to realize that dream. After all the hard work it was not easy for Ahmet to cancel the project but he knew that it had to be done. At first he was a bit lost. He didn't know what to do. Now, with "Aleron's Lie", he has found an idea that is realizable and he also enjoys working on.


In "Aleron's Lie" you're playing a 40-year-old man named Aleron. He chose to stay in a cabin in Montana in the Glacier National Park because his bond with his daughter (Mirela) has become too strong after his wife passed away.

After an interrupted call from Mirela he wants to get back to her but he quickly realizes that there seems to be no exit. He gets another call from a woman named Nora who claims to be in a similar situation. They have to work together to get out of their respective cabins but can Aleron trust Nora?